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Facebook Isn't Broken

I hear people whine, and complain saying “Facebook is broken”, “The algorithm sucks”, “I shouldn’t have to pay for people to see my work”, and a plethora of other complaints. The reality is Facebook isn’t broken. You are. DOES FACEBOOK GIVE MORE REACH TO THOSE WHO ARE WILLING TO PAY? Absolutely. There is nothing wrong with this. Facebook is a company that provides a service that was free. They have now monetized it. Facebook now...

PLAZA - Behind The Scenes

I’m a big fan of having behind the scenes photos, and video on set. It’s always fun to see what photographers are shooting with, and it’s a great way to remember the shoot. Below you can see every photo of Plaza was shot with two Paul C Buff Einstein’s 640w’s. The key light was with the Paul C Buff 47 inch Octabox. The fill/background light was with the 64 inch Parabolic...