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I believe there is so much power in a photograph.

It doesn’t matter if it is in a professional photo studio or on a location. My goal is to create honest portraits of every person, and company I work with. A single photograph can tell an entire story. I believe that to my core. My goal as a photographer is to make sure every photo I produce is a collaborative effort between myself and the client.

I’ve always been fascinated with how light can hit a person in different ways and create completely different feels. The smallest details, and movements are what bring a photograph from good to great. It’s the minute nuances on how to create something amazing that inspires me to keep learning and consistently strive for quality over quantity. There is more than enough mediocre art in the world. I believe in producing quality art, and stories through photographs.

It has been amazing to work with large companies such as Warner Bros. Records, OVO Sound, and Ronald McDonald House Charities. There is a feeling that can’t be described when you see your photos on massive billboards for everyone to look at.

Personal projects are an aspect of my work that I hold such high value for. They allow me to experiment, and grow as a photographer. Some of my favourite photographs have came from my personal work, such as the first photo on this website. It is a photo of my grandfather that I have wanted to create for years but never felt that I was at the skill level where I could take a photo, and be proud when I look back years later. I finally had enough courage to believe I could create something I will genuinely love, and I did.